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RTS "Market Trends" Panel, FIA Chicago, November 2008.

Published Thursday, 1st January 1970 from Automated Trader : FIA Chicago Nov 2008

Automated Trader Publisher, John Howard chairs the RTS "Market Trends" panel at the FIA Chicago with John Lothian and John "Dr. J" Najarian. John Lothian is publisher of the popular "John Lothian Newsletter" and President of The Price Group.  John Najarian is co-founder of Option Monster.

The Three John's - John Howard, John Lothian and John Najarian discuss market volatility; the short selling restrictions and the role of regulators; how the regulatory landscape has already changed and may change further in the light of the global credit crisis; where the opportunities are and for whom; the impact of government policy on markets and unemployment; Asia's resilience to the global financial crisis; and how alpha capture trading styles have come full circle in the light of the ultra low latency trading environment. The panel concludes with John Lothian and John Najarian giving their open questions to Henry Paulson, and deliver their message to the incoming Obama administration.

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