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Six big questions for a Russian investment fund

Published in Automated Trader Magazine Issue 28 Q1 2013

As part of its focus on Russia, Automated Trader spoke to Konstantin Khlebalin, head of the trading department at proprietary trading group Infina, about what kind of algorithmic trading his firm does.

Konstantin Khlebalin

Konstantin Khlebalin

Konstantin Khlebalin, a 27-year-old applied maths whiz from the Moscow Aviation Institute, started as an assistant analyst at Russian investment brokerage company Infina before he had even finished his degree. He cut his teeth as a trader after he graduated, and now he is a deputy CEO and head of the trading department at Infina. The company runs its own proprietary trading, specialising in algorithms, as well as offering broking services. We asked him about how his funds use algorithms and what it's like to trade in Russia.

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