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  • Trends in market share of derivatives clearing

    REGISTERED VIEWERSThe financial crisis led to the biggest overhaul of regulation since the Great Depression. We examine how the new rules have affected the market for derivatives clearing in the US.

  • Shining Light on new Dark Pool Regulations

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYDark pools used to be places for large block trades where institutions could transact significant deals away from prying eyes in order to prevent information leakage. However, the average trade size has come down to rival that of lit venues and regulations are adapting to the fact that dark pools are starting to look like just another exchange.

  • Software development and the SEC

    While the CFTC is still mulling over 'Regulation AT', the SEC has quietly been putting in place its own regulations on automated trading. This brings big changes to developers working on cash equities and bonds in the US.

  • Regulation AT: What investment managers need to know

    The latest in a series of regulatory moves highlighting heightened scrutiny of automated trading came late last year with the CFTC's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Regulation Automated Trading (Regulation AT).

  • The delay (or not) of MiFID 2 and the release (or not) of the Commission Delegated Acts for MiFID 2

    The biggest news in compliance this year is that MiFID 2 is likely to be delayed until January 2018. What are the implications?

  • Putting the e in auditPutting the e in audit

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYThere’s more to MiFID than just putting a best- execution policy on paper. As European trading gets more complex and European regulators demand greater transparency, what role could automation play in compliance? Claudia Coleman spoke to Wolfgang Fabisch, CEO of b-next Group.

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