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Published in Automated Trader Magazine Issue 18 Q3 2010

Recent months have seen Singapore Exchange (SGX) making a raft of announcements relevant to Automated Trader readers. New colocation services, upgraded technology infrastructure, commodity cross listings – you name it and SGX seems to be doing it. Andy Webb, Automated Trader’s Founder caught up recently with Bob Caisley, Head of IT & Chief Information Officer and Rama Pillai, Head of Intermediaries and Market Access SGX, to get a little more detail on this flurry of activity.

These days, finding an exchange with a 'wide-open door' policy on automated and algorithmic trading can involve serious travel. For an exchange explicitly structured to welcome such activity - more and more, the answer is to look beyond Europe and the USA. At the Singapore Exchange (SGX), there's talk of recognising - via IT/market structure and policy - that the auto/algo community contributes a "different dimension and value to the mix of liquidity participants in our marketplace". But what does this mean in practice, and frankly, how effectively does SGX meet the needs of automated traders? Automated Trader's founder, Andy Webb, speaks to Bob Caisley, Head of IT and Chief Information Officer, and Rama Pillai, Head of Intermediaries and Market Access, SGX, to get a detailed answer to a simple question: what's in it for us?

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