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  • Natural-born quant?Natural-born quant?

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYWith his first Summer-job paycheck, Russell Newton bought an Acorn Atom and tried to model equities. Now, thirty-two years later, he's running Global Advisors in Jersey, the equities have given way to commodities, and - actually, the job may have got bigger, but perhaps it hasn't changed all that much. Andy Webb spoke to Russell Newton about discretion, model development and commodity strategies.

  • Let’s do hunch!Let’s do hunch!

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYWhat is the ideal relationship between programmers and traders? How can the two sides work most effectively together to achieve the optimum result? Automated Trader’s David Dungay spoke to Dr. Yang Wang of Chiron Investment LLP about ideas, expectations, outcomes – and programming traders’ hunches.  

  • Spreading outSpreading out

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYOne thing you can say about Bill Braman is that he is a survivor. He’s been trading since 1987, moving from open outcry right through to today’s technologies. How does he do it? Andy Webb caught up with him in Chicago, and asked him.

  • One week in Paris…One week in Paris…

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYTrade Tech 2009 kicked off in Paris just as this issue of Automated Trader was due to go to press. With reports coming in of a recession-defying show featuring lots of new product launches, we took the decision to hold these front pages open for a selection of the top stories from France.

  • The F WordThe F Word

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYIf there's one word that sums up all the past few years’ changes in the way we do business, it’s fragmentation. It happened in the US, it’s happening now, post-MiFID, in Europe, and as regulation evolves and venues proliferate, the signs are that fragmentation is going global. It’s pervasive, it’s driving strategy development and technology investment, and now, it’s even got its own index. William Essex, editor of Automated Trader, spoke to the man who masterminded the Fidessa Fragmentation Index (FFI) and now writes the FFI blog* – Steve Grob, director of strategy at Fidessa

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