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Published in Automated Trader Magazine Issue 11 Q4 2008

One of the major headaches with institutional automated and systematic trading is ensuring security of intellectual property (IP). As our “Me and My Machine” interviewee, Miles Kumaresan, points out (on page 36), while it is possible to identify another trader’s strategy from its market footprint, a far greater risk of IP loss lies in it physically walking out of the office door. However, an offshoot of mobile phone technology may just have the answer…

It's a fact of life that once trading or execution model development moves beyond the individual level, some level of collaboration is required. The quant/trader can dream up the algorithm, but may need peers to review it, programmers to code it, the line manager to sign off on it, the risk manager to vet it - and so on. From a security perspective, that in itself is less than ideal. But what if all these parties are distributed globally? And not always sitting in offices connected to a properly ma

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