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  • Going with the flowGoing with the flow

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYFlow Traders is one of the Netherlands' major success stories, with a valuation of some Eur1.5 billion after its IPO earlier this year. Automated Trader talks to co-CEOs Dennis Dijkstra and Sjoerd Rietberg about being a global ETP liquidity provider with a Dutch home base, and life since the IPO.

  • Make it fast, make it wide!Make it fast, make it wide!

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYAs markets continue to fragment, and not only in Europe, the traditional specialist market maker, tied to one exchange, has ceased to be valuable. Such a player cannot ‘make’ a significant market. But a new breed of funds is stepping in to make markets across exchanges, regions and asset classes. Valerie Bannert-Thurner charts the rise of the new breed of market maker.

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