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  • Spotlight on: Cyber security

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYCyber security is one of the hottest topics in market surveillance, but what is the threat to the automated trading community? Experts and authorities are warning the financial industry to prepare for a reality of persistent cyber threats. Historically motivated by theft, there is also an emerging and alarming political dimension to cyber crime.

  • Why can't we be friends? MMT and the quest for data standards

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYIt's not every day that rival data vendors, venues and other companies gather round the table and agree to work together towards a common goal. But the rapidly progressing Market Model Typology (MMT) initiative shows that this kind of cooperation can happen, and the benefits are expected to be enormous.

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless DataEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Data

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYYou're only as good as your data. Whether it's pre-trade research or post-trade analysis, so much comes down to how accurate and how complete your dataset is. But cleaning and maintaining good data is generally not thought of as the sexiest part of being in the financial markets. It's a chore, the scope of which is often underrated and underappreciated. So Automated Trader sought to speak to a range of specialists to hear what they said about the importance of data hygiene.

  • New kids on the blocků againNew kids on the blocků again

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYHirander Misra is starting a new exchange. So is Alasdair Haynes. Neither of those plans should be that surprising to many people, since both played important roles in the meteoric rise and sustained popularity of Chi-X Europe, the first venue designed to take advantage of the sweeping changes brought in by MiFID. Automated Trader gets the low-down on the new Aquis and GMEX exchanges.

  • Fair-weather trends

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYAs computers grow stronger and meteorological models are refined, weather forecasts are improving. Anna Reitman reports on the ways weather data is being used in a variety of markets, and also why this source of information still has its limitations.

  • Seismic shocks

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYWhen the earth moves in a big way, the markets can too. As part of our series on weather and seismic information, Automated Trader talks to a scientist who thinks he may have found a way to gain advance warning of major earthquakes.

  • Weather veins

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYSome companies will scour the earth for the right weather data to power trading strategies. Adam Cox reports on the business of weather information, a type of data that can play an enormous role for a host of markets.

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