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  • A Question of Speed - The race to zero still attracts many  entrantsA Question of Speed - The race to zero still attracts many entrants

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYRegulatory fear, fierce competition, rising costs - a host of arguments have been made for why the race to zero is a race not worth entering. Yet, technology vendors are still reporting demand for anything shaving off a microsecond here or there. Anna Reitman talks to the competitors staying in this race about keeping ahead of the curve.

  • Slow down and smell the ash cloudSlow down and smell the ash cloud

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYLast year’s ‘signature event’ was not the flash crash but the volcano eruption. This year, we’ve had apparently internet-led regime change in the Middle East that has destabilised the entire region, while a single ‘whistle-blower’ seems to have dumped most of the US government’s secret correspondence in the Wikileaks inbox. Oh, and the floods that devastated an Australian state have been followed by a cyclone. Is the world trying to tell us something? William Essex wonders whether ever-lower latency and ever-greater capacity are really what we need right now.

  • Trading Hubs Reach for the CloudsTrading Hubs Reach for the Clouds

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYThe e-trading landscape is being radically transformed by two irresistible forces: proximity trading and cloud computing. Together they create rich opportunities for e-services providers. So what are the drivers and how can firms stay ahead of the curve?

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