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The AT Leader is a "big picture" view of an aspect of the automated and algorithmic trading industries usually written by a prominent member of one of those industries.

  • Do Black  Swans  Swim in  Dark Pools?Do Black Swans Swim in Dark Pools?

    QUALIFIED REGISTRANTS & SUBSCRIBERSThe continued rise of dark liquidity and the development of more sophisticated execution algorithms could increase regulatory obligations on brokers and/or exchanges, according to Mary Lou Von Kaenel, Managing Director, Management Consulting, Jordan & Jordan, and Greg Malatestinic, Senior Software Engineer, Jordan & Jordan.

  • The Middle East: A Region Rich in OpportunityThe Middle East: A Region Rich in Opportunity

    REGISTERED VIEWERSGary King, Chief Executive Officer, Dubai Mercantile Exchange, explains why trading firms should look beyond Asia for new investment opportunities to a region whose financial markets are primed for an expansion in algorithmic and automated trading.

  • Fast Forward for Algorithmic TradingFast Forward for Algorithmic Trading

    REGISTERED VIEWERSAlgorithmic trading is on the brink of a new era of standardisation that will accelerate time to market, according to John Goeller, Chair, FPL Algorithmic Trading Working Group and Director of Portfolio and Automated Trading, Merrill Lynch.

  • Algorithmic Traders & Their Impact on the Derivatives WorldAlgorithmic Traders & Their Impact on the Derivatives World

    REGISTERED VIEWERSHaving revolutionised the equity markets, algorithmic trading is already reshaping the derivatives sector. Neal Brady, Director of Products and Services Technology, CME, looks at the technology and infrastructure changes that are fast attracting algorithmic traders to the futures and options markets.

  • MiFID: A catalyst for changing the trading landscapeMiFID: A catalyst for changing the trading landscape

    FREE ARTICLEJon Carp, Head of Alternative Execution Sales Europe at C A Cheuvreux looks at the specific implications of MiFID for the buyside and sellside in terms of smart order routing and algorithms.

  • The buyside trader - empowered or extinct?The buyside trader - empowered or extinct?

    The introduction of Reg NMS next year will further compound other changes, such as decimalisation, that have transformed the equity market in recent years. Joe Wald, CEO of EdgeTrade Inc., explains how traders need to evolve and respond to meet this challenge if they are to remain relevant in the new environment.

  • Leader: The Price of PrincipalLeader: The Price of Principal

    FREE ARTICLECertainty comes at a premium in financial markets and especially where a capital commitment is required. But just how big should that premium be for principal quotes and what are the alternatives? Dr Paul Lynch managing partner of algorithmic trading specialists PE Lynch LLP explores the options.

  • Leader: Fast Forward into the Multi Asset Future?

    FREE ARTICLEA new evolution of synthetic trading is starting to generate interest multi asset class algorithmic trading. If there is a need to spread trading activity across a wider asset base, why not let the machine help finesse some of the component trades? David Rutter, CEO of Brokertec and deputy CEO of ICAP Electronics Broking examines the issues from a market provider's perspective

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