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Published in Automated Trader Magazine Issue 24 Q1 2012

There are beginners in this business... and there are beginners. GHF Group is the second kind. Big and global, GHF Group is an established financial services holding company that includes diverse, independent businesses: global clearing, investments, and trading. The trading business includes experienced traders and other market professionals, and has recently started a move into "the business of algorithms" that so far, has looked less like a learning experience for the Group, and more like a potentially big opportunity for the rest of us - for quants, model-builders and just about anybody else with an idea worth automating. Andy Webb went to meet Ron Hertshten, a managing director in GHF Group who is responsible for algo trading, to discuss.

Ron Hertshten

Ron Hertshten: One thing to clarify before we start. In the business of algorithms, we're actually quite new. We have two operating algos that we're working on, and we're testing a few more. We look to this to become a very significant part of our business, but right now, we're quite small.

Andy Webb:

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