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Published in Automated Trader Magazine Issue 13 Q2 2009

Success at Bluecrest Capital is a team effort, says president Leda Braga. With the company’s two funds, BlueTrend and BlueMatrix, up by 43.35% and 8.81% respectively over 2008, we think that says a lot about the quality of the teamwork there. Automated Trader’s publisher, John Howard, went to meet three key members of the Bluecrest team.

Dirk Ormoneit is Head of Research for the Systematic Trading division of Bluecrest. As such, he is responsible for all algorithm related decisions relating to trend following and mean reverting, high frequency systematic trading and is also part of the unit's management team.

Mark Holt is Head of Technology for the Systematic Trading division, responsible for all systems deployed in production as well as some of the tools used by the Research Team to dev

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