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Me and My Machine: The Automated Trader Interview

Published in Automated Trader Magazine Issue 15 Q4 2009

For many in the world of automated trading, low latency is critical to their trading performance. By contrast, for Florida-based III, it’s just one component among many. Automated Trader’s Editor, William Essex, spoke to David Allen, III’s portfolio manager, about this. While they were at it, they also discussed “appropriate automation”, artificial intelligence, data interpolation, integrating fundamental data, data maintenance, synthetic markets, in house and outsourced and avoiding the herd - among other things…

III, comprising III Associates and their affiliate III Offshore Advisors, is an SEC-registered investment adviser, founded in 1982. III has over $1 billion in total assets under management with a primary focus on fixed income and credit related strategies. David Allen, portfolio manager and Eugenio Perez, portfolio manager/trader for III, developed the III Futures Neural Network, a system which employs adaptive pattern recognition to trade liquid futures markets. Both Allen and Perez come from tr

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