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Published in Automated Trader Magazine Issue 17 Q2 2010

You go live with your own FX fund in January 2009, and by the year end in January 2010, you’re up 33%. If you’ve got a track record that also includes starting out in model development while still at school, then running an IT company before selling it to go into electronic trading and then high-speed algorithmic FX arbitrage, that makes you interesting. Larry Levy went to meet Duncan MacInnes, CEO and head of trading at Xenfin Capital.

Larry Levy: Perhaps we could start with your personal history.

Duncan MacInnes: I grew up in Kent. I went to school at Chatham Grammar School for boys and I actually met a couple of the people I'm now working with there. I met our developer and a couple of the guys on the FX execution side. I lived with my parents in Kent until I was about 20 and then moved to London where I ha

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