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New model wanted

Published in Automated Trader Magazine Issue 21 Q2 2011

Those overpaid layabouts in what used to be called the broom cupboard have finally come up with a prediction. And it’s a good one. Whatever next?

peek ahead

News just in that the internet is unsustainable. An outfit called A.T.Kearney (it's a "strategy consultancy", and yes, now you ask, we have heard of it) has just put out a report entitled "A Viable Future Model For The Internet". Gist of the argument is that the internet, in its present form, is, well, unviable. There's too much traffic and too much content, and the problem is getting worse - A.T.Kearney suggests that "the industry will need to invest €8 billion per annum above its current trend rate just to maintain current service levels and prevent the Internet choking on the rapid growth in video content".

Expletive deleted! €8 billion! Pretty soon we'll be talking real money.......

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