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Published in Automated Trader Magazine Issue 24 Q1 2012

Well yes OK, we know we're rather stretching the definition of "mashup" here, but it has rather more punch as a title than "we attempt to cobble together some random bits of software into a trading application/model doing a spot of (re)reviewing along the way". Though that's probably a more accurate description of what the Wrecking Crew and Automated Trader's Founder, Andy Webb, have actually been up to for the last month or two.

In that perfect trading world in which we all exist, everybody has a single homogenous environment that handles everything - development, testing, live deployment, the lot. There's never even the tiniest thing that your perfect environment cannot handle. Code never has to be ported to another application, everything is seamless so you don't even have to know what API stands for - let alone use one. Nothing ever goes wrong, the word "exception" is neve

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