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Published in Automated Trader Magazine Issue 17 Q2 2010

We last looked at RTS’s RTD Tango in our Q1 2007 issue in its Tango Client guise. Since then, RTS have made a number of changes to Tango, with one of the most significant being the integration of the Tango Client’s automated trading capabilities with its new Tango Trader product. Automated Trader’s Founder, Andy Webb, and his team of trusty tyre-kickers take this hybrid muscle car for a spin round the block.

Tango has been around for a while, and we've reviewed it before (Q1 2007). But RTS haven't been sitting around idly since then, and the product has taken on board some notable new functionalities in the recent past. Most notable, perhaps, is the transformative integration of the Tango Client's automated trading capabilities with the new Tango Trader product. We like the result so much that we sent in Automated Trader founder Andy Webb and his wrecking crew to try to break it.

First reports emerging from the lab suggested that they were not only liking Tango Trader's flexibility in managing trading workflow, but also really, really liking the 'functionality within the functionality' they had found even at the outset. One of the signifiers of a truly effective trading application is the degree to which it fits itself to the user's style, while offering a broad reach of functionality from the initial 'drawing board' to post-trade. This is a useful piece of kit, and resilient, too.

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