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Instant Gratification. Bloomberg Tradebook API

Published in Automated Trader Magazine Issue 18 Q3 2010

In view of the title of this magazine, it’s probably safe to assume that a decent percentage of our readers are already exponents of API trading; it therefore seemed sense for us to take a trading API for a spin. So we have; Andy Webb, Automated Trader’s Founder, and the Wrecking Crew practise their handbrake turns on the Bloomberg Tradebook API.

Andy Webb, Automated Trader's founder, and his 'Wrecking Crew' of anonymous experts get to grips with the Bloomberg Tradebook API. Can they wreck it? What does it do, how effectively does it do it, and finally, what does it cost? From initial implementation to a seriously live test of the support provided - our review lab's workstations don't usually synchronise their crashes, but when they do, the experience is instructive - our software review delivers an in-depth analysis of everything from ease of use and model deployment, through range of testing and deployment functionality, to documentation and costing. The verdict? Read the review.

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