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Bridge over troubled WANs

Published in Automated Trader Magazine Issue 15 Q4 2009

If you’re running data over a world-sized wide-area network, latency is a function of geography. And in the absence of radical downsizing, geography happens to be an irreducible constant. And that’s not good. Shawn McAllister, Chief Architect, Solace Systems, discusses the latest in wide-area bridge-building techniques.

Many low-latency financial-services architects prefer using in-memory databases instead of traditional disc-based databases to accelerate data manipulation and lookups. Sophisticated products have emerged that can cache data in data grids (also known as "spaces") and efficiently flush updates out to databases as needed. This combines the performance of a cache with the persistence of a database.

Frequently, though, the data in one space needs to be shared with data in another spa

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