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Low Latency Network Expertise

Published in Automated Trader Magazine Issue 17 Q2 2010

Just how much does the firm pitching your connectivity requirements really know about the nuts and bolts of running a superfast and robust network? And what investment are they making in researching the next generation of network technology? Joe Hilt, VP of Sales North America, and Fergus Innes, VP of Sales Europe, at Hibernia Atlantic, outline some of the areas where if your provider lacks expertise - you will be paying the price.
The ever-increasing emphasis in financial markets on reducing latency while expanding capacity means that ground-level expertise is at a premium. Sales personnel may claim fantastic performance from carefully, cherry-picked segments of the network they lease (of which they have zero technical understanding) but how does that really play out when your trades hit “their” fibre?

Automated Trader sat down with Fergus Innes and Joe Hilt of Hibernia Atlantic, the company that powers the Global Financial Network (GFN), to learn more.

Traders want the fastest routes-Period. Does that mean the straightest line from Point A to Point B?

Joe Hilt: There are many factors that affect fibre quality, but yes, the route taken is obviously a major factor in the speed of light between two points. In a perfect world, the obv

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