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Each issue AT reviews a piece of auto/algo trading technology in the Spotlight column.

  • Spotlight on CCP riskSpotlight on CCP risk

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYRegulators around the world are increasingly looking to central counterparty (CCP) clearing houses as a way to mitigate counterparty risk in the market. But is this just the next too-big-to-fail in the making?

  • ICAP + EBS = Joined up dataICAP + EBS = Joined up data

    FREE ARTICLEThe explosion in automated and algorithmic trading has been accompanied by a huge thirst for data - market participants want data, lots of data. And they want a broader range of it - the days of providing just traded prices are long gone. Today’s market wants volume, historical order book depth, and order message traffic – the works. AT takes a look at how EBS and ICAP’s latest historical data packages measure up.

  • FPGA's - Parallel Perfection?FPGA's - Parallel Perfection?

    FREE ARTICLEFPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) may not be new technology, but as the data crunching race in automated/algorithmic trading continues to intensify, could they be an idea whose time has finally come? AT talks to Alistair MacArthur, Senior Research Engineer at Celoxica, who discusses current FPGA technology and outlines its potential for tasks such as parsing algorithmic news feeds.

  • Spotlight: RTD Tango - Cutting to the ChaseSpotlight: RTD Tango - Cutting to the Chase

    Tools for trade automation have been around for several years. One of the later arrivals at the automation party is RTS Realtime Systems Group, which launched its RTD Tango automated/algorithmic modelling and trade execution platform last year. As AT discovers, there is evidently truth in the adage about learning from other's mistakes to avoid making your own.

  • Spotlight: Patsystems IQ-Trader

    FREE ARTICLEPatsystems were one of the first ISVs to launch an electronic dealing platform when futures markets began migrating from open outcry in the 1990s. AT takes a look at the automated trading functionality within the latest incarnation of its mid-tier IQ-Trader platform.

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