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  • Surveys reinforce growing relevance of algorithms

  • The search for efficiencyThe search for efficiency

  • Finding the timeFinding the time

    Automated Trader talks to Steffen Gemuenden about the Automated Trader Survey.

  • From adversity to diversityFrom adversity to diversity

  • Ever faster, yet ever more diverse

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYAutomated Trader's latest survey conveys a picture of strong growth, dazzling innovation and growing maturity. There is a more global spread of skills and an increasing diversity of interests and priorities; all ingredients for a good market and political tensions. If anything, the pace of some of last year's trends of end-to-end automation across asset classes and jurisdictions has quickened; other trends have slowed or evolved. Enthusiasm to compete in the race to zero has not faded, although more people realise they will not be first at the exchange. Nevertheless, they are still busy investing to at least not drop too far behind the leading pack.

  • What forces will shape the markets?

    Automated Trader launches its latest industry-wide survey What types of trading models are in vogue? Which technologies will win the day? Where is liquidity on the rise? How will the industry cope with the approaching regulatory tsunami?

  • 2011 Algorithmic Trading Survey Report and Analysis2011 Algorithmic Trading Survey Report and Analysis

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYThe pace of change continues to accelerate as competition and technology drive non-stop innovation. What is increasingly clear is that the world is powering up its financial markets for pervasive 24x6 electronic trading, machine to machine (M2M), across all asset classes, geographies and data types. This represents a phase shift in the economic history of the world, and regulators will have to get their skates on if they intend to keep up. Market participants broadly welcome these changes. Sadly, however, they appear to be more sceptical regarding the various regulatory initiatives taken or being considered in response to the continuing financial crisis.

  • What did you say you were doing?What did you say you were doing?

    FREE ARTICLEOur global survey of algorithmic and high-frequency trading, conducted online through April and May 2010, has given us a fascinating insight into industry trends and best practice. Here, Bob Giffords presents his detailed analysis of the data.

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