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2011 Algorithmic Trading Survey Report and Analysis

Published in Automated Trader Magazine Issue 23 Q4 2011

The pace of change continues to accelerate as competition and technology drive non-stop innovation. What is increasingly clear is that the world is powering up its financial markets for pervasive 24x6 electronic trading, machine to machine (M2M), across all asset classes, geographies and data types. This represents a phase shift in the economic history of the world, and regulators will have to get their skates on if they intend to keep up. Market participants broadly welcome these changes. Sadly, however, they appear to be more sceptical regarding the various regulatory initiatives taken or being considered in response to the continuing financial crisis.

2011 Algorithmic Trading Survey - report and analysis. By Bob Giffords

These were the key conclusions to emerge from Automated Trader's 2011 survey of algorithmic trading practice. The survey attracted more than 500 responses from market participants mainly in North America and Europe, but also included over 100 from Asia Pacific. A further 3.5% of responses came from elsewhere, including the Middle East, Latin America and offshore financial centres. 36.58% of responses were from buy side

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