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Each issue AT asks a group of leading technology vendors for their views on some of the automated / algorithmic trading technology challenges faced by the markets.

  • How do you differentiate your electronic execution services?

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYWhile the recent proliferation of electronic execution services has presented the buyside with an impressive degree of choice, it has simultaneously landed the sellside with several challenges. How do you make your services stand out from the crowd? What are the main competitive differentiators from the buyside’s perspective? How best can they be delivered? Five leading sellside providers share their views.

  • Ready for Take-off?Ready for Take-off?

    QUALIFIED REGISTRANTS & SUBSCRIBERSAre todays order and execution management systems capable of guiding buy-side dealers through an increasingly complex trading environment or will new hybrid solutions emerge? AT asks leading providers to share their views.

  • Hard and Fast? Hard and Fast?

    REGISTERED VIEWERSHardware and networking infrastructures should be the building blocks of any market participantís algorithmic and automated trading capabilities. AT asks leading providers to share their views on the latest techniques and technologies.

  • Speed to MarketSpeed to Market

    REGISTERED VIEWERSHow is the latest technology accelerating the development and implementation of algorithms and automated trading systems? AT asks leading solutions providers to share their views.

  • Application LatencyApplication Latency

    REGISTERED VIEWERSAs growing competition places ever greater emphasis on the fine-tuning of automated and algorithmic trading programmes, AT asks leading solutions providers for their views on the tweaks that can minimise application latency and maximise performance. With: - Ary Khatchikian, president and chief technology officer, Portware - Amir Prescher, vice president, business development, Voltaire - Matt Meinel, global director, business development, 29West - Gena Ioffe, CEO, EGAR Technology - Ali Pichvai, managing director, Quod Financial - Jonas Lindqvist, head of system development, NeoNet - Yuriy Shterk, vice president, product development, CQG - Nimrod Gindi, business development manager, Mellanox Technologies

  • Market data connectivityMarket data connectivity

    FREE ARTICLEWith: - David Hann, general manager for EMEA at Interactive Data Real-Time Services - Gregory Smith, CEO at Cicada Corporation - Mark Akass, CTO at BT Radianz - Alasdair Moore, global head of sales at Fixnetix - Guy Tagliavia, president and CEO at Infodyne Corporation

  • Tech Forum: Data - The Exploding SupernovaTech Forum: Data - The Exploding Supernova

    FREE ARTICLEWith: - Mark Palmer, general manager and vice president of Apama Products, a division of Progress Software - Dr John Bates, founder and vice president of Apama Products, a division of Progress Software - John Coulter, vice president of marketing and business development, Vhayu Technologies - Kirsti Suutari, global business manager for algorithmic trading in the enterprise business division at Reuters - Paul Geraghty, director of customer propositions for the Reuters Tick Capture Engine - Ary Khatchikian, president and CTO of Portware

  • Tech Forum: The OMS - Moving On, Moving Up

    FREE ARTICLEOne type of trading technology that has been much affected by the growth in algorithmic trading is the OMS. AT talks to five leading OMS vendors to find out how changes in the market are affecting their businesses and how they are dealing with those changes. With: - Eric Bernstein, head of sales for North America at Linedata - Richard Hooke, global product director at Latent Zero - Michael Roberts, director of European operations at ITG Solutions Network - Stephen Engdahl, Director of Product Management at Charles River Development - David Csiki, managing director at INDATA

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