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Application Latency

Published in Automated Trader Magazine Issue 06 July 2007

As growing competition places ever greater emphasis on the fine-tuning of automated and algorithmic trading programmes, AT asks leading solutions providers for their views on the tweaks that can minimise application latency and maximise performance. With: - Ary Khatchikian, president and chief technology officer, Portware - Amir Prescher, vice president, business development, Voltaire - Matt Meinel, global director, business development, 29West - Gena Ioffe, CEO, EGAR Technology - Ali Pichvai, managing director, Quod Financial - Jonas Lindqvist, head of system development, NeoNet - Yuriy Shterk, vice president, product development, CQG - Nimrod Gindi, business development manager, Mellanox Technologies

Application vs. network latency: which is more important in improving algorithmic /automated performance?

Khatchikian: Improving application latency is more important without question. There is always a limit to what you can optimise regarding networks. With applications it's more complex because they are always changing. A few lines of bad code can bring an algorithm to a crawl if you're not paying attention. In some cases, applications have been opt

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