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  • Low latency optimisation using Software Defined Radio technology

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYHigh frequency traders are using radio links to reduce latency. Simply buying the fastest transceivers and repeaters is not enough - design and configuration are critical. We show how Software Defined Radio (SDR) can be used to optimise a network and to provide advantages that hardware does not.

  • Julia - A new language for technical computing

    REGISTERED VIEWERSHistorically, developers have faced a trade-off between the ease of use of scripting languages and the power and flexibility of lower-level languages. Julia offers the best of both worlds - and allows easy interoperability with existing languages.

  • Python for analysing financial markets

    REGISTERED VIEWERSPython is increasingly popular and is used in front-office systems at some of the largest investment banks and hedge funds. We provide an introduction to the language and its extensive range of libraries, and show how to speed up execution.

  • Perils of PTP Monitoring

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYRegulations such as MiFID 2 are helping boost demand for precision timestamping. Though Precision Time Protocol (PTP) offers microsecond accuracy - far higher than the competitor Network Time Protocol - ensuring synchronisation across networked devices is non-trivial. This article highlights the pitfalls in PTP and offers some solutions.

  • A cloudy data centre

    REGISTERED VIEWERSCloud computing offers increased security potential and vast resources to fuel the computational demands of trading. It can do this while still offering users operational ownership control over costs. For firms looking to make the transition from on-premise to the cloud, here are some of the key considerations.

  • Financial Programming Greatly Accelerated

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYFPGAs are about to become a lot more attractive as the technology of choice for cutting-edge application development. Pre-compiled numerical libraries and an integrated software stack, combined with a new class of closely-coupled silicon devices, are the drivers.

  • Developing a short-term machine learning strategy

    REGISTERED VIEWERSOpen-source software for machine learning is widely available for standard data analysis packages. We examine how a stack built on these can be used for time series prediction.

  • Is all trading now low latency?

    Tick-to-trade latency is not just about being fast. It's about being first.

  • The cloud

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYCloud adoption is revolutionizing how technology businesses operate. The financial services industry has been slow in adopting it. Could this be about to change?

  • The  thinking machine’s man … or womanThe thinking machine’s man … or woman

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYBy comparing the distant past with the economic-crisis-ridden present, Anita Hawser argues, lessons can be learned for the future deployment of automated and algorithmic trading functionality. Should machines be taught to discuss their feelings, or are they better off leaving the sentiment to us and sticking to the numbers?

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