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  • The fragmentation factorThe fragmentation factor

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYMany, though certainly not all, of the recent higher-profile trading glitches have occurred in the fragmented securities market rather than the more liquidity-centric derivatives venues. Jim Overdahl, representing the Futures Industry Association's Principal Traders Group, talks about why responding to the technological challenges can be different for the derivatives industry than for securities venues.

  • Ain't life a glitch?Ain't life a glitch?

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYAutomated Trader investigates the various responses, both from the industry and regulators, to a spate of technological mishaps. Adam Cox reports.

  • Exploring a distributed world

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYAnna Reitman speaks to a range of experts to get to the bottom of some of the more common issues that come up when trading firms adopt distributed computing systems.

  • How FPGA is becoming the financial acronym of choice

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYWhen Ross Freeman set off to work as a Peace Corps volunteer and teach mathematics in Ghana in the 1970s, did he have the slightest inkling of what his ideas might mean to the world's financial markets? Had he already conceived the invention that one day would allow trading firms to really think in terms of nanoseconds?

  • Cloud formations - MarketPrizm's tech chief scans the horizons  for different ways of doing businessCloud formations - MarketPrizm's tech chief scans the horizons for different ways of doing business

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYJacob Lindeman became chief technology officer for data and connectivity group MarketPrizm as part of its acquisition by Colt in 2011. He talks about a down-to-earth, business-like mind set for solving problems. But as Automated Trader's Adam Cox learns, his head is also in the clouds.

  • Is ABC really as easy as 123? The world of NLP, according to  StreamBaseIs ABC really as easy as 123? The world of NLP, according to StreamBase

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYSince this edition of Automated Trader is exploring the fast-evolving world of unstructured data, we decided to spend some time with complex event processing group StreamBase. Adam Cox asks their chief technology officer, Richard Tibbetts, how far the industry has come in adopting Natural Language Processing techniques in algorithms, and what the future holds.

  • Evolutions and revolutions: how MTS keeps up with fast-changing technology

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYHow does an electronic market make sound decisions when technology is changing at such a rapid pace? What are the trade-offs between price and performance? Andy Webb spends some time with MTS CTO Fabrizio Cazzulini and Fabrizio Testa, head of product development, to get the answers.

  • What an idea!What an idea!

    SUBSCRIBERS ONLYIf you were to list the key attributes of a 'future-proofed' enterprise, of whatever size, you would probably put sound trade ideas and effectively deployed technology somewhere towards the top. We certainly would. So, for the third of our series of conversations with key industry figures about ensuring the long-term survival of the enterprise, we spoke to Colin Berthoud and then Jason Larsen of TIM Group about - you guessed it - running a business focused on developing sound trade ideas and dependent on effectively deployed technology. The two interviews were conducted on consecutive days by our founder and all-round techno-guru, Andy Webb, and, despite some degree of overlap, we have resisted the temptation to edit them into one continuous conversation. There are important issues being discussed here, and we were struck by the 'added value' of hearing two distinct perspectives. Andy began by inviting Colin Berthoud to set the scene...

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