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BGCantor Market Data

BGCantor Market Data, a division of BGC Partners is one of the world's premier suppliers of real-time, indicative, intraday, end-of-day and historical futures, fixed income and derivatives data. The exclusive source for market data derived from BGC Partners, eSpeed, and ELX Futures, BGCantor Market Data offers an expanding range of global financial data products including futures, credit default swaps, interest rate derivatives (SwapSight), foreign exchange spot and options, and emerging market bonds and derivatives. ELX Futures, a new electronic futures exchange established by leading financial institutions offers speed, liquidity and cutting-edge technology. ELX is the most cost-effective alternative in commodity futures and BGCantor Market Data is the exclusive distributor of ELX Futures data. Clients can choose to receive our data as a low-latency direct feed, via the Internet, or in view format on leading market data vendors such as Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, CQG, DTN, and eSignal.

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