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HSBC has refined and refocused its Global Equities organisation, creating a lean and flexible business model built to meet the needs of global issuers and investors today and in the future. We have brought together first-class cash equity trading, sales and distribution and structured equity capabilities, equity financing expertise and an innovative approach to sector and company research, underpinned by our single, new, global equity trading platform. Global sales, trading, structuring and financing experts leverage enterprise-wide capabilities to ensure that HSBC fulfills the equity requirements of the world's most sophisticated investors, from execution and sector trading to more complex risk portfolio trading and equity structuring. For issuers, leadership in capital-raising is complemented by the proven primary market distribution capabilities of our specialist sales distribution network. Acknowledging the changing demands of clients, we have also refined our research model, moving away from traditional maintenance to focus on long term, thematic research (a two-year-plus horizon) combined with short term (zero to three months), real-time, actionable ideas both for companies and sectors.

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