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AlgoSpan provides end-to-end 'shortest path' trading infrastructure, exchange colocation & connectivity and real-time market data services, designed and optimised for high frequency trading.

AlgoNet trading infrastructure services enable the fastest possible access to an exchange's core trading and information systems with colocation, exchange connectivity and inter-datacentre network services, all focused on minimising latency. Whilst our AlgoData multicast normalised and raw exchange data is in-house developed and optimised by trading experts to provide the fastest and best quality solutions available on the market.

Data is captured directly from the exchange and delivered to the customer via AlgoSpan's ultra-low latency 'shortest path' fibre infrastructure - one of the fastest on the market, designed and optimised for high frequency trading. Normalised data is delivered through AlgoSpan's proprietary Radio Feed™ single binary protocol - a high performance interface in an easy to parse language for simple integration into trading applications.

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