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Phaidon International

Phaidon International provides the central structure that supports 7 specialist recruitment firms.

We are proud to deliver excellence to clients across 43 countries in 8 key markets through our niche brands who have won over 24 independent awards.

Our vision is simple: 100% organic, enabling excepcional careers.

We have a clear strategy and it is working to deliver us competitive advantage and superior financial results. We are committed to maximizing our group performance.

To achieve this, we have clear and consistent criteria governing all investment and operational decisions. We call these our "magnificent seven" and they exist to shape a business that delivers:

1. Superior financial performance

2. The correct business mix

3. Group synergy

4. Robust systems and full compliance

5. A simple legal and financial structure

6. Excellent leadership, development and succession of our people

7. An efficient organizational structure

Phaidon International Brands

Selby Jenings

DSJ Global

Carlton Senior Appointments

Laking Group

Viridium Associates

EPM Scientific


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