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Itiviti Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading is a critical component of a modern trading operation. In today's markets, high-performance is expected and essential, and Tbricks by Itiviti is powered by ultra-fast market connections, modern architecture, and a highly-optimized core stack implemented in C++.

While speed is now a pre-requisite in all trading, speed alone is no longer a sustainable strategy - intelligent trading is key, placing ever-increasing demands on your software. Tbricks by Itiviti's algorithmic trading solution is designed for lowest latency and highest flexibility. Featuring open C++ and Java APIs and a library of out-of-the-box apps shipped with full source code, firms can rapidly implement new strategies and capture market opportunities.

With template code generation, example apps and an open framework and SDK, you can easily implement intelligent trading strategies, reduce costs and dramatically reduce time-to-market.

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