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Coming Soon to CQG M: Share Symbol Lists

CQG : - 9th October 2014

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Ever want to share a list of symbols with the guys in your office? We've got two ways to get that done now.

First, you can always send each other a list in email (comma delimited: EP, ENQ, CLE, QO) and paste it into the symbol entry box.

Now, you'll also be able to create a link and send it to your fellow trader. (No private information will be shared, just the list of symbols.)

The receiver of the list can import the symbols or turn on Live mode to get updates whenever you update the list. Pretty cool!

Briefly, here are the steps to save and share a list:

1. From a quoteboard or FX-style quoteboard, tap the menu button.

2. In this menu, you see available tasks for this list and quoteboard. Tap on "Sharing…"

3. If the list hasn't been saved yet, you'll be prompted for a name.

4. Next, you'll be prompted to create a link.

5. Then you'll be able to see the link and email it directly from the app if you'd like.