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New version of CQG M this week.

CQG : - 26th March 2014

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Thank you for using CQG M and for sending valuable feedback.

We continue to improve CQG M and have new features planned. In fact, we are launching a new version of CQG M this week. Here are some of the changes and enhancements we've made:

  • We added a Startup Tour when accessing CQG M from your phone. You should be prompted with the tour when you login for the first time. You can get back to the tour from the left bar.
  • We've reorganized the default pages included in CQG M to help you get oriented better. If you want to access these pages, go to the gear menu next to the top most tabs.
  • You can now drag and drop to reorder symbols in the Quote Spreadsheet. Go to the gear menu for the Quote Spreadsheet and select Reorder/Edit Symbols
  • You can now execute market orders from the FX-style quoteboard (more changes coming soon).
  • We've added a widget called Transactions. It's basically like a fill report, but as a widget instead of a popup.
  • We've fixed some bugs related to saving your page setups.

Thanks for your continued support and feedback. Please continue to send feedback to and post your questions and issues on CQG Forums.