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RealTick expands relationship with Nomura

First Published 1st January 1970

RealTick adds Nomura's latest U.S. electronic equity trading capabilities - leverages FIXatdl

Michel Finzi, Global Head of Business Development, RealTick: "We are pleased to have expanded the depth and breadth of global execution capabilities by adding Nomura's ModelEx algorithms into RealTick."

RealTick, the multi-broker, cross-asset electronic trading platform has expanded its relationship with Nomura adding their latest electronic US equity trading products to its platform. This enhancement now allows RealTick traders the ability to execute trades in European, Asian and the US markets with Nomura.

RealTick users can access Nomura' s latest ModelEx suite of algorithms, Smart Router and dark crossing platform NX, as well as make use of Nomura' s direct market access, Program Trading and Worked Order capabilities, for US, European and Asian equity execution. In addition RealTick clients can also access Nomura's pairs trading and portfolio trading strategies along with the ability to access global futures markets via direct market access, Worked Order and Algorithmic execution services available through ModelEx.

"We are pleased to partner with RealTick to deliver our ModelEx US Algorithms in RealTick to complement our global ModelEx offerings. We will continue to expand our equity offering in the US and are committed to providing a world class electronic trading product to our clients" Kevin Brady, MD Nomura Securities.

"RealTick' s focus is to ensure that our clients have rapid and easy access to the widest network of brokers and their electronic products globally across asset classes. We are pleased to have expanded the depth and breadth of global execution capabilities by adding Nomura' s ModelEx algorithms into RealTick," states Michel Finzi, Global Head of Business Development at RealTick.

"Traders increasingly want a single platform which integrates well into their work flow, one that is functionally rich, configurable and easy to use and which provides access to the latest execution capabilities from their broker partners. Nomura and RealTick took full advantage of the FIX Algorithmic Trading Definition Language (atdl). Combined with RealTick' s interactive broker tools, this enabled us to swiftly and accurately deploy Nomura's products and tailored new strategies within RealTick" adds Finzi.

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