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RealTick® expands Bulltick's LatAm product suite

First Published 14th June 2010

RealTick® and Latin American broker Bulltick Capital Markets expand execution offering in equities and futures

Michel Finzi, Global Head of Business Development, RealTick: "By expanding the execution capabilities from Bulltick we are enabling investors to access one of the world's fastest growing regions."

RealTick® the multi-broker, cross-asset electronic trading platform has expanded the suite of products provided by the Latin American investment banking and brokerage house, Bulltick Capital Markets. This longstanding relationship now enables clients to access Bulltick's direct to market and algorithmic trading execution capabilities for the major LatAm and US markets. In addition, clients can access Bulltick's execution for futures and international equities.

"Regional investors are increasingly seeking trading opportunities across local, pan-regional and international markets, while at the same time international investors are increasing their exposure to the LatAm markets. Bulltick is able to service both types of investors with an integrated local, US and international execution expertise." said Alejandro Creixell, Managing Partner, Bulltick Capital Markets.

"Our aim at RealTick is to provide clients with access to the broadest network of global and specialist brokers across all regions, thereby enabling traders with the ability to execute their orders and implement their investment ideas as effectively as possible. By expanding the execution capabilities from Bulltick we are enabling investors to access one of the world's fastest growing regions," said Michel Finzi, Global Head of Business Development at RealTick.

"We use RealTick as our trading platform internally and deploy it for trading clients, so we are pleased to have expanded our relationship together. Bulltick is able to provide electronic execution and support in the major Latin American markets, across large, mid and small cap stocks, as well as cross border execution expertise" adds Creixell.

"This integration is another example of how through a single, easy to use platform, clients have rapid access to the widest network of brokers, electronic products, markets and expertise globally and regionally," adds Michel Finzi.

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