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RealTick® launches RealTick 10

First Published 16th November 2010

RealTick 10 designed to deliver AXE: Analysis, Execution, and Evaluation

RealTick® (, the provider of multi-broker, multi-asset electronic trading solutions has announced that it has, in its latest release RealTick 10, delivered a platform which embeds trading as an integral and essential part of the investment equation. Through the redesign and unbundling of its platform, RealTick 10 now provides AXE: analysis, execution, and evaluation - the three critical elements which make for smarter trading decisions and which can result in the opportunity for better execution and performance.

RealTick 10 aims to meet the seismic and rapidly changing dynamics in global markets and trading over the last two years. Starting with the trading cycle as its basis, it is architected to simultaneously account for information, access to liquidity, complex orders and strategies, and the regulatory requirements that buy-side and sell-side traders must consider as they trade. In addition, RealTick 10 now delivers mobile capability.

Said Stuart Breslow, RealTick CEO: "Trading, risk management, and market interactions have become ever more complex. Due to competitive pressures, it is imperative for traders to be able to nimbly respond to market conditions and stay in touch with their trades as they occur. We set out to unbundle and repackage our time-tested trading technologies to provide traders with a platform that delivers what's required to achieve trading alpha. RealTick 10 delivers on that expectation, providing capability that translates into opportunity for improved trading performance for traders and their firms."