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IPC unveils Blue Wave™ Application Development Platform

First Published 20th April 2011

Unigy's open platform allows customers to create proprietary apps to enhance trading workflow

IPC Systems has revealed new details about its Blue Wave™ Application Development Platform, an open standards-based platform which will allow customers to develop and integrate custom applications to enhance trading communications.

The Blue Wave Application Development Platform allows customers and third party developers to access IPC's development APIs and Software Development Kit (SDK) to create applications to manage any range of tasks common to the trading room. Applications that streamline manual processes or speed up repetitive tasks can help deliver substantial productivity gain and cost efficiencies.

"When we sat down 18 months ago to develop the Unigy concept, the one consideration we kept coming back to was the overwhelming demand from customers for us to open up our products," said Mark Miller, VP Product Management, IPC Systems. "For some time now, customers have been eager for their in-house development teams to have access to the APIs, allowing them to innovate and quickly create applications that are unique and specific to their organisation. Blue Wave was designed to reduce both time to market and development costs, and give customers a competitive edge."

Customers are able to create, play with and test their own applications in IPC's online sandbox, with chat, email and voice access to IPC development teams. In addition, IPC's own application support team will be readily available to help customers who wish to pursue more complex initiatives.

Aside from developing its own applications and helping customers with theirs, IPC is currently working with several market leading companies to develop applications that will integrate customers' existing Execution Management Systems, Order Management Systems and Customer Relationship Systems. This collaboration with third parties will open up the technological possibilities for companies who are looking to develop an array of applications that can integrate with their existing systems and enhance their service offerings.

Miller concludes, "Enterprises in the financial services sector have traditionally been quite inward-looking and closed to collaboration with third parties. These firms are now beginning to recognise both the value in opening up and engaging other companies, and the growing demand from customers to make the most of their current technology investments. It is an exciting time for trading communications, and we are looking forward to the role we will play in nurturing the culture of innovation amongst our customers."