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The R word - 7 July 2011

Fidessa : Steve Grob - 1st January 1970

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In Episode 4 of FragVision we look at the R word - Regulation. Pretty much whatever your role in financial markets these days you will be faced with a wall of regulatory noise that needs to be interpreted and acted upon. This episode looks at how the original intentions of some of these proposed regulations have been hijacked by the politicians and who is likely to be better off at the end of it all. It also provides a few tips for the regulators themselves so that hopefully they can introduce the new rules faster and improve their ultimate effectiveness.

Also, thanks to everyone for providing such positive feedback on the video series so far - seems like the FragVision team has created a bit of a niche for itself and, at the same time, helped provoke comment and debate across the industry. Keep your comments coming and let us know if there's a particular topic you'd like to see covered in a future episode.

And don't forget to stay tuned to the site - it's undergoing a bit of a make-over and we're making it easier and more fun to use. Check out the cool new Fragulator graphics, for example, when we unveil the new look next week and let us know what you think of it.

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