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TradingScreen's Liquidity+ to handle Australian multi-venue migration

First Published 10th October 2011

TradingScreen to provide aggregated view of Australian market as Chi-X launch date nears

Jason Keady, Director Market & Operations, Chi-X Australia

Jason Keady, Director Market & Operations, Chi-X Australia

"TradingScreen is an early adopter of new market venues and we are pleased to be working with them."

TradingScreen, the provider of multi-broker and multi-asset class execution management systems (EMS), has announced that its Liquidity + multi-venue environment is set to handle Australia's migration to becoming a multi-venue market. Equity trading venue Chi-X is set to launch in Australia on October 31, 2011.

With the launch of Chi-X Australia, TradingScreen aims to provide the complete picture of stock liquidity of local equities jointly listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and Chi-X Australia. Liquidity + will provide buy-side investors a single view that includes table and graphical stock prices across both marketplaces, time and sales and tick-by-tick capability, drag-and-drop order management, a trading velocity index, as well as connectivity to any other exchange where those securities trade around the globe.

"TradingScreen is an early adopter of new market venues and we are pleased to be working with them as they roll out an aggregated view of the Australian market, which is a must-have for domestic and global investors in the new multi-market environment," said Jason Keady, Director Markets & Operations, Chi-X Australia.

"TradingScreen's Liquidity + helps our global clients navigate and take advantage of multi-venue liquidity around the globe," said TradingScreen's Head of Sales, South East Asia & Australia, Nathan Walker. "We welcome Chi-X Australia as a new venue connecting to the TradingScreen platform and we look forward to building liquidity in the Australian financial markets. We are excited to be bringing our experience in multi-market venues to Australia, and helping to advance the development of this important market."