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Itiviti : Katarina Klangby - 19th December 2014

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In the current issue of the FX MM magazine, journalist Frances Faulds lists Tbricks as "one to watch" in 2015 as part of a comprehensive review of the Fintech stars across corporate treasury, foreign exchange, low latency trading systems, liquidity management, market data, front, middle and back office technology solutions and hosting and connectivity. She interviewed Tbricks' VP of Sales Rickard Davidsson to find out more:

Trading Apps

Rickard Davidsson, Vice President of Sales at Tbricks, says that the next-generation trading system provider, empowering the professional trader, is one to watch with 2014 results showing a pace of growth that no direct competitor in its segment - trading and execution systems - can present. Furthermore, he expects this trend to continue in 2015.
There are a number of factors supporting this growth, he says. While the era of high volumes, volatility and spreads might be over, an acceptance of less prosperous market conditions is setting in and with it, a realisation that trading technology designed and priced for the markets of the past is now too costly and too rigid. This realisation is increasingly known as the 'technology debt'.
Davidsson says: "Tbricks' modern, App-based trading technology is designed to meet today's challenges by combining the benefits of both buy and build approaches. Full functionality is available and ready to use from day one, allowing clients to take advantage of market opportunities straight away. More importantly, though, because all functionality is delivered as apps, clients can make the platform their own immediately by selecting and adapting existing apps as well as developing new custom apps."
Just as smartphone users can customise their phones with their personal choice of apps, so Tbricks clients can build their own unique sets of functionality and, at the same time, add their own specific apps tailored to their unique business requirements. "By freeing clients to develop apps in the Tbricks environment, the platform is just a starting point to unlocking new capabilities and responding to emerging market situations. Client feedback consistently tells us this flexibility is a key differentiator between Tbricks and competitors' offerings," he adds.
Tbricks will continue to focus on the trading and execution business at banks, market makers and trading firms with a need for high speed and/or flexibility. Tbricks' app-based platform is designed for high-performance electronic trading and market making of a wide range of listed cash and derivative instruments.
Davidsson says: "Despite the gloomy predictions of the past, we can see that market making, for example, is a business that is still profitable for a number of specialised institutions. We will continue to serve institutions in this segment where our market share has grown significantly in 2014."
He believes that active market participants will always discover new business opportunities before any vendor and for this reason Tbricks focuses on providing the tools its clients need to seize them faster than anyone else. He says that this is accomplished by delivering all the business logic as independent apps along with their complete source code and development tools, ready to be used out-of-the box or customised as needed.
As today's challenging market conditions are likely to prevail, Davidsson believes Tbricks's clients will continue to seek new ways to generate profit. This might include expanding into new geographic markets, trying new trading strategies or trading new products. They will also continue to adapt to the new regulatory requirements while maintaining strict cost control.
"Given this set of circumstances, an agile, cost-efficient and compliant trading platform is a pre-requisite going forward. We feel that our clients are actually well-equipped for these market conditions. The real struggle will be faced by firms trying to meet next year's challenges with rigid, high-cost, legacy technology," he adds.

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