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Itiviti : Katarina Klangby - 3rd March 2014

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If you've used other trading platforms, have you ever been frustrated waiting for important functionality that shows up late, or not at all? When you want innovation, the process usually goes something like this: First, you ask the product manager to consider your request. The pm prioritizes amongst many different requests and eventually decides if and when your functionality should be developed. If approved, you wait for the release. By the time you finally get what you asked for, your opportunity could be long gone.

This process is eliminated with Tbricks' app architecture, where adding new functionality can be compared to adding an app to your smart phone. Often, you can make your changes by simply changing the configurations, no coding required. Another way is to add a new app. Each app is independent from the rest of the system and delivered with its complete source code and smart development tools. This way, you can set your own pace for innovation, without waiting for the next release.

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