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Itiviti Managed FIX: The 'organizational trust' argument for how managed infrastructure services have come of age

Itiviti : Christine Blinke - 16th February 2017

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When Itiviti was formed just over a year ago, our Group management provided several statements on the strategic direction of the business and product development. One of these statements highlighted our intention to give clients a choice of implementation options that would encompass our entire technology stack. These options would include managed services as well as solutions for on-premise deployment.

Delivering on this commitment, we introduce Itiviti Managed FIX, a key addition to our managed services portfolio. Underpinned by our proven Catalys FIX engine and complemented by a broad toolset for clients and users, Itiviti Managed FIX is a complete managed service that delivers a resilient solution for global, multi-asset class connectivity.

The launch of Itiviti Managed FIX demonstrates how Itiviti has responded to the rising client demand for a service-based delivery model for infrastructure and applications. At the same time, we also recognize that the capital markets industry is distinctive, and fairly unique in its approach to the use of technology. Performance upgrades are always welcome, but sensitivity to risk, strict demands on reliability and an unforgiving regulatory environment calls for a conservative approach to service design and delivery. Therefore, during paradigm shifts such as the mass adoption of Cloud, it is understandable that new technology delivery methods are met with considerable caution.

So, what does it take to gain acceptance? The simple answer is 'organizational trust'. For Itiviti, as a managed service provider, being able to check all the boxes for technology and quality of service requirements is never good enough. We believe Itiviti is the most knowledgeable and qualified of all managed service partners that our clients can choose from. We have built the Itiviti Managed FIX platform from this vision, which means that we are adding our people, the experts, into the mix.

We have taken great satisfaction in our ability to bring this expertise to our technology, to the FIX protocol, and now make it more conveniently available to relieve clients from operational duties and the burden of infrastructure ownership. Co-located in world-class data centers, Itiviti Managed FIX delivers a high performance, high availability platform, complemented by the tools needed to gain full view and control of FIX activity.

The capabilities of Itiviti Managed FIX stretch beyond physical connectivity and managed hardware infrastructure. The service comes with intuitive web-based tools. Support for pre-trade risk management, post-trade surveillance, account management and session management are just some of the features that these tools provide to ensure that clients stay in control. At the same time, they are spared from the daily toil of data center operations, IT support, and perhaps the most frustrating challenge: staffing these functions with competent individuals who possess the required skill set and experience.

We also intended Itiviti Managed FIX to be a business enabling solution: its support for multiple asset classes facilitates expansion and growth strategies and the platform itself has been designed to scale seamlessly along with these strategies. Furthermore, by guaranteeing the availability of a resource pool of FIX expertise at Itiviti, finding and retaining skilled technical staff is no longer an issue for our clients. The deep-rooted client trust in our code can thus be extended further to include our people. and this enables us to gain the 'organizational trust' that we believe is critical for the successful delivery of managed services in the capital markets industry.

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