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Introducing the RTI Product Tour

Real-Time Innovations (RTI) : Rick Warren - 1st January 1970

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About a year ago, we rolled out no-cost downloadable product evaluations. If you were interested in learning more about RTI products, you no longer had to call your account representative and have him or her enable an evaluation for you. Instead, you could download the software yourself with just a few clicks and evaluate it on your own time line. The time it took you to get your evaluation started fell from a day or two to just an hour or two.

We're dropping that time again. Recently, we rolled out an additional new capability on our web site: the RTI Product Tour. (At least for now, the Product Tour is also linked from the home page.) The Product Tour covers many of the components of RTI Data Distribution Service in a streamlined way with embedded screenshots and demonstration videos. Instead of downloading the software, installing it, and reading through the documentation, you can just click on a couple of five-minute videos to get some basic information with a lot less effort. (We hope that afterward you'll still want to download the software to try it for yourself!)

So if you're interested in RTI's decoupled system architecture, industry-leading performance and scalability, built-in value-added features like recording and analysis, or powerful connectors to enterprise and legacy systems, check out the RTI Product Tour. It'll just take a few minutes.