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DDS Road Show 2011 Kickoff

Real-Time Innovations (RTI) : rticurt - 1st January 1970

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Today, we held the first of our DDS Road Show events in Boston. The room was filled with over 30 attendees, which exceeded our goal. Representative companies included Raytheon, Red Hat, GE Intelligence Solutions, MIT, Schneider Industrial Automation, Mitre and BAE. I'm particularly excited to see more and more interest in DDS outside the Defense sector, which has historically demonstrated the most interest in DDS. Recently, we've achieved design wins in smart energy, mining equipment, factory automation, automotive, and transportation. Along with the diversified attendance at the Road Show, this makes me very optimistic about the prospects DDS going forward. Next stop on the road show is this Thursday in Huntsville, AL, where I expect to see a more Defense-oriented audience, given the heavy presence of the Army there.