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Going BATS Over Real-Time Stock Quotes

Xand : ChasCooper - 1st January 1970

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If you've wanted to add real-time stock quotes to your public website, but just couldn't justify the cost, you'll want to learn more about BATS. No, not the baseball equipment or the "rats with wings." The BATS stock exchange. As it happens, BATS is the third largest stock exchange in the world, covering 8,000 securities and processing over 10% of U.S. trades. Stock for most public companies are traded on BATS regardless of the exchange that lists them.

BATS has very web-friendly licensing terms for public display of its stock quote data, and we've just recently launched two new web services for getting stock quotes from BATS: XigniteBATSRealTime and XigniteBATSLastSale. Websites can publish BATS stock quotes without needing to sign exchange agreements that tie them to per-user or per-hit fees.

Real-time stock quotes
BATS has made adding stock quotes to web sites easy and affordable

We originally launched XigniteBATSLastSale to give our customers real-time quotes from BATS-traded securities. More recently we've launched XigniteBATSRealTime for customers with heavier usage requirements. In XigniteBATSRealTime, we've added data that's more important for intraday traders, such as tick-by-tick quotes and bid and ask prices.

So, if you've been waiting for real-time stock quotes to become more economical for public display on websites, it's time to take another look at your options.

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