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Which Stock Quote Data Service Is Right for Me?

Xand : ChasCooper - 1st January 1970

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With 10 stock quote data services to choose from, it can get confusing which one is right for you. So, for those of you looking for a source of stock quote data, I thought I'd post a few simple tips to help you quickly find exactly which stock quote data services are just right for your needs.

Quick Comparison Chart

Here's a quick breakdown of our stock quote data web services, including key features to help you decide which service has the stock quote data you're looking for.

XigniteChartsXigniteHistoricalXigniteQuotesXigniteRealTimeXigniteBatsRealTimeXigniteBatsLastSaleXigniteNasdaqLastSaleXigniteGlobalQuotesXigniteGlobalRealTimeZoom in to see breakdown of Xignite stock quote data web services

Data Coverage Comparison of U.S. Stock Quote Data Services

To see a more detailed breakdown of the data included in the 7 stock quote data services covering all major U.S. stock exchanges, visit our U.S. Stock Quote Data Coverage web page. You won't regret it. It's a real time saver.

Stock Quote Data from Exchanges Outside the U.S.

We have 3 services offering stock quote data from global exchanges around the world:

Real-Time Stock Quote Data

If you need real-time stock quote data as fast as you can get it from the trading floor, you have 4 services to choose from:

  • Check out XigniteNASDAQLastSale for real-time stock quote data from all major U.S. exchanges (not just NASDAQ). You'll need to make sure you sign the appropriate agreements with NASDAQ to get access to this data, but you'll rest assured you're getting premium quality data directly from the major U.S. stock exchanges.
  • Try XigniteBATSLastSale for real-time stock quote data without having to worry about signing exchange agreements. You'll get stock quote data straight from the BATS stock exchange, one of the newest and largest U.S. exchanges by volume.
  • See XigniteBATSRealTime for real-time stock quote data with additional Level 1 data such as tick-by-tick prices and bid/ask prices.
  • Take a look at XigniteRealTime if you like the depth of Level 1 data in XigniteBATSRealTime, but you'd like to save a little money and you don't need to display the data publicly-such as on a website. XigniteRealTime costs less than XigniteBATSRealTime while still offering tick-by-tick and bid/ask prices, but does not provide public display rights.

Budget Saving Delayed Stock Quote Data

If you'd like real-time stock quote data, but you'd like saving money even more, and you don't mind if your stock quote data is based on delayed prices as of 10 to 15 minutes ago, then you should definitely check out the delayed stock quote data service XigniteQuotes. It's a great budget saving alternative to real-time stock quote data services for those who don't truly need up-to-the-second accuracy in stock quote prices.

Historical Stock Quote Data

For years of historical stock quote data such as past highs, lows, opens and closes, among other data, take a look at XigniteHistorical, which also includes historical dividends, splits and top gainers, losers and movers.

Charts Displaying Stock Quote Data

Many of the stock quote data services mentioned above already include charting features that will allow you to get a graph of the underlying stock quote data available in each service. But if you'd like more robust charting features or you'd like to chart historical stock quote data or market caps, then you'll want to take a look at XigniteChart.

Or Just Give Us a Shout!

If you're still wondering if we have the stock quote data you're looking for, just give us a shout any time and we'll be happy to look into whether or not one of our stock quote data services has the data you're looking for.

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