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TradeTech USA 2014


25 Feb 2014

New York

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Find Liquidity, Comply With Regulation, Manage Cost & Achieve Alpha


  1. Between the rapid evolution of trading strategies and trading infrastructure, there is no better time for the industry to get together in the formats that ONLY TradeTech offers
  2. With more then 85 global experts speaking on the program, TradeTech has more expert insight then ever before and any other event
  3. It's the only event in the industry that brings together all of the players in the market - from cutting edge hedge funds to traditional asset managers to market making firms - TradeTech gives the 360 perspective
  4. As TradeTech is the largest gathering of buy side traders in the Americas with 3 days of content geared toward their unique challenges, it means you'll network with and learn from your true peers or prospects instead of being pitched
  5. Focused content for both buy and sell side traders - learn how your peers and competitors are thriving in fragmented markets and preparing for a shift to futures and options markets
  6. From industry-leading keynotes to intimate breakfast focus groups there is a lot going on at TradeTech - design your time to best fit your current trading systems and strategy challenges
  7. Gain a picture of multi asset trading worldwide to take advantage of profitable opportunities on your global desk at this premier electronic trading conference
  8. Find out your customers need - Don't wait for them to go to your competitors. Find out NOW what worries them and what challenges they are facing, so that you can give them the value and answers they need.
  9. Join 900 of your colleagues, under one roof, talking your language, about the difficulties you're facing in your job - and get actionable strategies to your challenges.
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