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2nd Annual Stress Testing EMEA 2014

CFP Events

26 Feb 2014 - 27 Feb 2014


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Hear From 20+ Heads of Stress Testing & Heads of Risk Including:
Catherine Toupin-Dumont,
Global Head of Stress Testing,
Heidi Steiger
Heidi Steiger,
Executive Director, Head of Firm-Wide Stress Testing,
Other Speakers Include:
  • Head of Counterparty Stress Testing & Regulatory Analysis, Credit Suisse
  • Head of Risk Analytics and Methodology Technology, RBS
  • Head of Credit Risk Methods Development, UniCredit
  • Director, Financial Markets Stress Testing, UBS
  • Head of Risk Infrastructure, Bank of England
  • Senior Team Leader - Risk Models, RBS
  • Vice President, Risk Systems, JP Morgan
  • Vice President, Stress Testing, Credit Suisse
Susanne Hughes
Susanne Hughes,
Head of Stress Testing,

Lloyd's Banking Group
Christopher Hall copy
Christopher Hall,
Head of Stress Testing, Methdology Development & IT Architecture
Critical Discussions On:
  • Effectively complying with current and future regulations regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Organising and stress legal entities to comply with multiple regulators
  • Implementing an enterprise-wide stress testing framework
  • Internal uses of stress testing: application of market risk methodologies across an enterprise
  • Effectively governing the stress testing program
  • Role and responsibility of the Board on stress testing oversight and governance
ian morton headshot
Ian Morton,
Head of Audit Prudential and Modelling Risk,

Peter Quell,
Head of Portfolio Modelling for Market and Credit Risk,

DZ Bank
Reasons To Attend Stress Testing EMEA 2014:
  • Hear Practitioner and Regulator Perspectives from Nomura, UBS and the Bank of England on effectively complying with current and future regulations regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Gain an understanding of how UBS are effectively organising and stress testing the legal entity to comply with multiple regulators from their Head of Firm-Wide Stress Testing
  • Chairman of Premier European Capital discuss the role of the Board
Male Silhouette
Rutang Thanawalla,
Head of Portfolio Analytics,

Chaoxin Zheng
Chaoxin Zheng,
Head of CCR Stress Testing,

Credit Suisse
  • Understand how to effectively implement an enterprise-wide stress testing framework from the Head of Risk Analytics and Methodology Technology at RBS
  • Head of Stress Testing at Lloyd's Banking Group will deliver an understand of how to effectively govern the stress testing program
  • HSBC's Head of Portfolio Analytics addresses stress testing for Living Wills
  • Understand how far is too far - what is plausible and what is not, how severe should stress tests be
Thomas Matejka
Thomas Matejka,
Head of Integrated Risk Analysis,

Raiffeisen Bank
Brandon Davies,

Premier European Capital
  • Santander, HSBC and Credit Suisse will discuss the importance of effectively choosing the right scenario and how to determine the right scenario for the right risk
  • Assess how to analyse the inter-linkage and feedback between different risks and risk divisions with the Head of Integrated Risk Analysis at Raiffeisen Bank International and Director of Financial Markets Stress Testing at UBS

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