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Trading VSTOXX - Market Making, modeling and risk management in volatility futures

OptionsCity Software Inc.

15 Jan 2014

2:00 PM CST


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Volatility investing with the VSTOXX® - the European equivalent of the VIX-continues to make strides in the market with an increased following no longer restricted to leveraged investors.

To learn more about this opportunity, join a live webinar from Eurex Exchange and OptionsCity. We will explore Market Making, modeling and risk management in VSTOXX® Futures using the intuitive tools in OptionsCity's Metro and Freeway platforms.

Topics include:
• Liquidity and leveraging index skews
• Deriving fair value for VSTOXX® Futures using a Freeway algorithm
• Calendar spread trading
• And more…

• Rex Jones, Vice President, Product Development, Eurex Exchange
• Bob Kallay, Director of Product Management, OptionsCity
• Andrew Lisy, Algo Product Manager, OptionsCity

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